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Thomas A Bartlett, MA

Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
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Thomas A Bartlett, M.A.
Clinical Psychologist and Psychoanalyst
1735 Lombard Street
Philadelphia, PA   19146-1518

Office number:         (215) 732-3103
Emergencies:           (215) 519-6428
Text messages:         (215) 519-6428
FaceTime:              (2150 519-6428
Fax:                         (215) 732-8584
Skype:                      thomasabartlett


  • I have been in full time private practice since 1990, offering attentive and thoughtful psychotherapy and psychoanalysis for adults ages 18 to 65.  

  • My office is located three blocks south of Rittenhouse Square in Center City, Philadelphia.  My waiting area is not shared by any other offices.

  • I am a fully licensed psychologist with many years additional postgraduate training, ranging from Existential Psychotherapy  and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to Classical Psychoanalysis.  My personal style has been described as welcoming, accepting, engaging, flexible and "serious yet playful".  I listen without imposing any agenda or speaking in jargon.  

  • As a Psychologist, I cannot prescribe (and am slow to recommend) medication but I do work with several psychiatrists, should you or I come to believe this might be helpful.

  • With rare exceptions, I return phone messages within several hours. 

  • In special circumstances, I will offer psychotherapy over protected Skype,  FaceTime, GChat or other protected internet connections.

  • My services are eligible for coverage as an  "Out of Network Provider" reimbursement by Personal Choice and PPO insurance plans, but I no longer participate in any HMO or PPO care networks.  (If you would prefer to find an "in network" therapist, you might do best to start with the website listed on the back of your insurance card.)

  • While I do not have any formal sliding scale,  I will very often reduce my fee substantially for people unable to afford customary rates, whether because they have no insurance, or because their insurance coverage is inadequate, or is restricted to "in network" providers or, as is increasingly the case, it has a deductible so high it never ends up paying out for psychotherapy anyway.

  • If we do not find in the initial consultation that we are a good match and/or we do not arrive at an arrangement agreeable to both of us, I will waive any charges for that meeting and do my best to assist you in finding another well qualified psychotherapist.



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